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16: Visit Corn Palace and then Mount Rushmore

Alex's comments:
Mitchell, South Dakota
    The cast is on its way to Mitchell, South Dakota. Alison is having trouble with Los' mood swings. He gets mad at her for going through his personal things and he yells at her. Alison asks Los if he looked up directions and he tells her to suck his (this is a family web page) Alison is tired of his behavior and starts crying. Alison is upset with Shelly because she stood up for her in the past and she isn't standing up for her. Alison feels depressed because everyone is afraid of Los and won't help her out. Alison wants to talk Los as a group. At a restaurant everyone except Alison confronts Los but he isn't really receptive. Los decides to use his skill of working with people that he doesn't like.
    They arrive in Mitchell and try to find the Corn Palace. They find it and meet up with Joe, their guide. The cast is confused because they don't see a purpose to visiting this museum. They are all extremely bored but they find a clue in the sculpture of Mount Rushmore. It tells them to go to Mount Rushmore for their next clue. On the way there are a lot of ads for Wall Drug and decide to go. Kit buys a raccoon hat and is now broke. Mostly all of them are pretty broke so they decide to get a tour of the hotel and have someone sneak in to get a free night. It works out because Kit stays in the room and opens the door for the rest of them.
Mount Rushmore, South Dakota     The next morning they depart to Mount Rushmore. They meet up with Ranger Mark and he tells them they will be going to the top of the mountain. They finally reach the top and search for their next clue. They didn't find anything but the ranger tells them they should look for Devil's Tower. At the base, they request a book of Devil's Tower and in it is the next clue. It tells them that their next mission is to go sky diving. Everyone is excited since they all have looked forward to doing it. They go to Gillette, Wyoming and meet up with Bob, their sky diving guide. He takes them into his house and they also meet Collin, another guide. The cast is a little nervous since they have to sign a waver of liability. Bob reassures them that it will be safer than they think. Shelly is ready to deal with her friend's fall from a building by doing the skydive. Bob tells them what to do and what not to do. They get geared up and everyone is psyched.

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