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15: Demolition Derby

Alex's comments:
Rockford, Illinois
    On the way to Rockford, the cast decides to stop in Chicago. At night, the cast splits up to do their own thing. Los meets up with a friend of his. Mark and Kit go to a Tequila bar. Alison and Shelley go to the Hard Rock café, where they talk about how much Los is frustrating them. Shelley hates the fact that Los only likes her because of the color of her skin. The next morning, they arrive at the Rockford Speedway where they meet up with David.

    As usual, Los isn't very enthusiastic about racing. David tells them that they will be part of the demolition derby where the driver wears a paper bag over his head.

    The cast goes to check out their cars. Mark and Kit decide to ride together, as does Shelley and Alison. They are given spray-paint and they're allowed to decorate their cars. Mark tests out one of the Nascar Cars. The professional drivers get on the track and the cast watches them. Mark gets the privilege of participating in one of the races.

    Everyone is proud of Mark for having the guts to race. The time arrives for the demolition derby. Shelley and Kit are the ones that are driving, so they are the ones that have to wear the paper bags. The derby begins but Kit and Mark's car never starts. Shelley and Alison's hearse crashes into Kit and Mark's car and that's when it finally breaks down. No one in the cast gets the money. Over the loudspeaker, the cast finds that the next mission will take them to Mitchell, South Dakota, where they will visit the Corn Palace.

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