Season 1 Episodes


14: Open for Van Halen

My comments:
    On the way to the concert Kit, Mark and Shelly played poker and the loser had to moon the nest car that they passed, and Shelly lost so she had to get up in the passenger seat with a towel and drop her pants. When they got to the concert, they found out that they where to set up the concert not play in it. Everyone except Shelly had to manual labor, she got to work in the Productions office.
    When Mark and Kit were helping to sort T-shirts, Mark stole one, which was stupid because they ended up getting one any ways. During the sound check Allison got to tune Eddie’s guitar. When the day was done thier reward was to meet Van Halen. They seemed to get along very well with the band and just before the band went on Sammy gave them a tape with a clue on it: Go to Illinois and have a smashing time. So after they got thier clue they went to the concert and had a great time.

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