Season 1 Episodes


13: Cop for a Day

My comments:
   When the arrived in Nashville Indiana they found out that they were going to help the cops. Kit and Shelly got to ride with the Sheriff, and got to pull over a family that was driving to fast, and Kit out of the kindness of her heart gave him a warning. Los, Mark, Allison got to work with the Marshall and direct traffic for the annual Easter egg hunt.
   Later in the day Kit and Shelly got to go on a chase to catch a jeep that ran over a sign, it ended up being a 16 year old and he admitted to doing it so they took him in. After the Easter egg hunt Los gave a ticket out to a van that was parked in the wrong direction.
   After lunch Los, Mark, and Allison got to set a speed trap, and ended up catching a young girl. and ended up giving her a warning also. When they were heading back to the city hall the owner of the van came to ask them about the ticket that Los had gave him earlier, and in remembering how he felt when he got pulled over in Washington DC he threw out the ticket also.
   Shelly and Kit was given a tour of the jail and Shelly got booked, after a whilethey leyt her out and when she got her stuff back, there was a tape in her stuff with a clue. It told them that they were to open for Van Halen and Shelly went nuts.

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