Season 1 Episodes


11: Go to Quantico, Virginia to Jump Through Hoops, Lace up Your Boots for Camp.
12: White-water Rafting

Alex's comments:
Quantico, VA
    The captain takes them inside and Major Bride welcomes them and tells them they will get a small taste of the training by doing physical and mental courses that the marine candidates go through. Shelly doesn't feel like this is for her but she sucks it up for the team. Their first mission is to get explosives over a 9-foot wall and across some water. After unsuccessfully trying to get across Kit falls in the water and professionals show them how to do it. The second mission is to make a little raft and get materials and themselves across the water. The girls are successful but the guys are too heavy for the raft and time runs out before they can get across. The next thing they have to do is get through the obstacle of ropes. Everyone does well except for Shelly who is scared and has problems but she eventually finishes.
    The cast is hungry but all they get are MRE's, that are Meals Ready to Eat, and they consist of little packages with food and utensils and sauce in it. It's not what they wanted but eat it happily. The last obstacle is the Combat Course, which consists of 20 obstacles and is approximately a mile long. They don't have an easy time since they have to climb walls and go across pits with ropes and go under barb wire. They are freezing when they get into the water and Los is mad that Alison doesn't complete that part. They finally complete the mission and the captain gives them their next clue which consists of them going to West Virginia and going white-water rafting.
Hico, WV
States Visited: 18
    They arrive at Mountain River Tours and meet up with Michael. They get geared up in wet suits. Michael informs them about what they will be doing that day. The rapids are wild and they aren't working together well so they don't have too much control. Shelly is pissed that Los isn't paddling. He says it's because Shelly is paddling offbeat. The guide tells them to pick up the speed or they would face dangers in the future so Los takes Alison's spot in the front. By the end of the rapids, they're having a great time. They plan to throw Carlos off and they do but then Mark throws them all off. They find a bottle in the water with a message in it and it turns out to be their next clue. It tells them to go to Nashville to meet the evil town Marshall.

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