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10: Go to the city that never sleeps and find the garden without flowers and, talk to the clown that runs the place to get on television.

Jay's comments:
New York, NY
Miles Traveled-5,476
Wednesday, April 5, 1996
    The cast arrives in Manhattan and the clue tells them to go to Madison Square Garden. They meet up with Chris the head clown and he tells them they will be clowns for a day in the Barnum and Bailey Circus. They won't be in the actual circus but they will warm up the crowd before the show. They get made up and get into costumes. Los is a chef and Shelly is a fat old lady. The rest of them are regular clowns. Kit shares stories of the trip with the clowns. Everyone practices juggling and balancing on things. Mark is the best out of all of them. They do a meet and greet with the crowd and Kit feels bad when one of the kids cries because he is scared of her. Chris tells them to be there the following morning at 6:30 because they had to try to get on The Today Show. They stay and watch the rest of the circus. Everyone except Los goes to Bourbon Street which is Alison's favorite bar. They stay out really late and Alison really parties since she feels right at home.

Thursday, April 6, 1996
    They get up late and are very tired and hung over. They head back to Madison Square Garden for the makeup and outfits. They're not too happy since it's really early. They speed in a cab to the NBC studios since there is only 15 minutes left of The Today Show. They go up to the glass but security makes them back up. Finally, a cameraman comes outside and mission 10 is completed since they get on the air. Mark kisses an old lady that he doesn't know to get some airtime. Kit bumps into Dickie and another lady who are old friends. When they get back to Madison Square Garden, the ringleader gives them their next clue. He tells them they're going to Quantico, Virginia for boot camp. They all go to Alison's house in Long Island. By then, Los is tired of New York and of Alison. Her mom makes a big dinner and Alison complains about the tight living quarters. Her mom is bothered that Alison curses. Los is attracted to Margaret, Alison's sister. Alison's mom shares stories about Alison as a little girl. Her mom thinks that Carlos is a beautiful name and he has ruined it by shortening it. He tells her she ruined it by not saying it in a Spanish accent and gives her attitude. Everyone is happy about the dinner and hospitality.
    They leave to go to their next destination--Quantico, Virginia. Kit is afraid of driving in Manhattan and gives the wheel up to Mark. Alison asks Los about what happened with her mom. She says that her mom didn't realize that she was offending him but she shouldn't of given her an attitude. She also says that no one in his family has ever said Carlos with a Spanish accent. Los says she was making a crack at him and was just trying to be funny. They arrive at Quantico at the Officer's Training School for the Marine Corps. At the entrance, Shelley is asked for identification but she left everything in New York. They meet up with Captain Dutch Weitcher who tells them they have a lot in store for them and they will enjoy the day.

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