Season 1 Episodes


8: Find out why they call it "Hot Lanta"
9: Job at Moon Tillet Fish Company
10: Go to the city that never sleeps and find the garden without flowers and, talk to the clown that runs the place to get on television.

My comments:
    Kitís boyfriend says that he can not trust her anymore after that kiss in New Orleans, and she says that he is a jerk. Once everyone gets back to Kitís house they went out to a club. The next day Markís girlfriend and some of his friends come up from Gainesville. Their next clue tells them that they need to find Old Baldy.
    So when the group finally figures out that Old Baldy is a lighthouse on an island, they take a fairy over to it and find a tape with a clue telling them that there next mission is to work at a fish plant and to also work on a fishing boat. So when they arrived at the fish plant, Los and Kit was the lucky ones to go out on the boat, so they had to meet them at 5:00 am. Once the boat gets out in open water Los starts to get really seasick. At 8am everyone else gets up and reports to the fish plant where they are put to work sorting fish and weighing them, they seem to be having more fun than Los and Kit are. Finally Kit and Los get back in and they are given their pay, and also a fish with there next clue in its mouth, telling them that they are to go to New York City.
    One the way to New York they stopped in Washington DC so that Los could show Shelly all around DC, but on the way back to the Winnie they got pulled over and Los feels that he was treated wrong.

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