Season 1 Episodes


Mission 7: Lend a hand to habitat for humanity

My comments:
   On the way to Pace, Mark calls the place and realizes that they are going to a nudist colony. Once the group got to the nudist colony they started to make fun of all the people in the colony. After being shown around they were told that that to get their next clue they would have to get in the pool naked, Shelly and Los said that there was no way that they would get in the pool. So it was up to Kit, Allison and Mark. Finally after dark they got up the nerve to get in and they got their next clue telling them that their next mission was to help Habitat for Humanity in Georgia. So they headed to Americus Georgia.
   At seven in the morning two girls woke up the group and they started to work. While the group was lunch the workers decided to start plating games and the cast seemed upset that they had so much energy. After dinner everyone including the cast joined for a talking session about what went on, then they a worship service, and that was when Allison got upset and left.
   The next morning everyone gets up and goes back to work again. At the end of the day the cast was given a plaque, and on the back of the plaque was a clue that told them to go to Atlanta. So they were off to Atlanta. When they got there their first stop was at Kitís house where everyone meet her parents and her boyfriend, then everyone except Kit went to Losí house and meet his family.

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