Season 1 Episodes


6: Find The First Man Of Jazz And Spend A Night With Him.

My comments:
   The next morning after all the fun that the group had on Bourbon street they start asking around about finding Buddy Bollen. And luckily they find a Cabby named Ron that says that he will take them were they need to go. Most of the name the group is traveling to deserted lots, and old buildings and that is when they find out that Buddy is dead and that they had been lead on a wild goose chase for the whole day, so Ron finally tells them that he will take them to a voodoo practitioner, were they can contact Buddy’s spirit. After the seance Shelly feels really good about her self when everyone else feels bored,except Allison feels really scared about the whole mission. So Ron takes them to the graveyard were Buddy is buried, and everyone except Shelly stays the night, Shelly feels that this is disrespectful to the dead and goes back to the motel. The whole taxi ride ended up costing over 150 dollars. The next morning the group gets up and they find a piñata with a clue telling them that need to go to Pace Florida, where everything will be revealed.

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