Season 1 Episodes


5: Job at Kleibertís farm.

My comments:
   When get to the farm they find out that Kleibert only needs three people so other two have a job in town, so Mark and Kit get to work at the drug store. Shelly and Los have to work at the meat packing plant, packing Alligator meat. And lucky Allison gets to lead visitors around the farm telling all about alligators. When Kit and Mark get to the drug store they are told that they were going to work the soda fountain and dip ice cream. Shelly hates her job, while Los loves his, and Allison a pro at giving the tours, even though she is lying most of the time, but who would know? Kit an Mark find the next clue on a jukebox telling them, to go to New Orleans and find the first man of jazz. On the trip to New Orleans Los is continuing to be a pain about the group funds, so they decide to have individual funds. So they arrive in New Orleans and get a motel and heads out to Bourbon street where we finally get to see Kit and Mark kiss.

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