Season 1 Episodes


4: Take Shelly Home

My comments:
    The strife between Los and Shelly was all about a kiss that Los gave Shelly and she did not like. And Los even makes things worse when he expects the girls to get beers for him because they are girls. And Allison remarks that Los is the only guy that she knows that get PMS. On the way to Oklahoma City Shelly and Allison talk to each other about the fact that they have to talk to Los. At Amarillo they stopped and played in a pool and got a free Breakfast. Then it was back on to the road to Oklahoma. When they had arrived at Shelly’s house Shelly was very excited to see her Mom. Later that day Shelly showed everyone he Indian dress, and showed a video of her at a tribal dance. That night when Shelly and her Mom was outside talking, Mark and Kit were being rude and raiding the refrigerator. The next morning they received a package that contained their next clue in form of a puzzle. When they solved the puzzle, they found out that they were to go and work on a farm to earn some money. So they said good bye to Shelly’s Mom and took off to their next mission. On the trip the group continued to fight with Los. At one point they decided that someone else would carry the money instead of Los, and Los gets upset at demands that he gets to keep his money. the next morning the group stops in Shreveport and spends all but one dollar of their money. When they arrive at the farm it turns out to be a alligator farm.

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