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3: Dog sledding

My comments:
   So the day of the race Shelly got to row the boat, Allison did the horseback riding, Los did the bike riding, and Mark and Kit did the running. So when the race was off they were doing a fairly good job, but the continued to get passed so when it came to Mark’s turn he jumped on a truck and got a ride and only had to run 1/3 of the race, so then it was Kit’s turn and when it was over they ended up getting third place. And what was worse everyone got keys to the city. After the race Louie ended up throwing a party for the cast and after the party they got a clue telling them to head north and look for your next clue. Then things got a little fun when they headed to Mexico for some drinks, and when they were there Allison started hanging all over Louie, well it ended up that Allison ended up going home with Louie.
   The next morning Allison show back up at the Winnie with Louie’s clothes on. When they ended up leaving Nogales Allison treated Louie very badly, because she really did not like him, the alcohol did. So on the way up to Flagstaff Shelly starts to realize that Los likes her, but she does not feel the same way so it starts causing trouble in the group. So when they finally get to Flagstaff they spend most of the day looking for their clue, till finally Los looked up and saw it on a Building. The clue told them that they were to walk a ladies’ dogs for her.
   So they headed off to Gunnison Colorado, to find this lady, and they call her and tells them were she lives and they head out to her farm. When they get there they find out that they were going to dog sledding. So they pick up all the dogs and take them to the place that they are going to start from and they learn how to dog sled, when the ended up stopping they were told that they were going to stay the night and get up the next morning and sled back to where they started. So that night Los and Shelly were the only ones that thought before they put up their tent and put it up on flat ground. So the next morning everyone else’s tent had slid downhill. So they got up and headed back to their starting place, and on the way back Kit’s and Shelly’s sled get turned over and Los save their hides. When they get back they are told that their next clue was on a dog so they go and look for the right dog, and they find it. And the clue tells them that they are to take Shelly home.

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