Making of Road Rules

The Making of Road Rules

   The video follows Season 2 and describes how the show is made. Right off the bat Devin (RR2 cast member) explains that it takes 17 people to produce one season.
   Even before shooting starts Bunim/Murray productions have been working eleven days prepping for the first day. The morning of the first day of shooting Clay (the producer) is sending his team his team to different spots to film the first meeting of the new cast. Then he gives instructions to Kit and Mark (Season 1) about passing the keys on to the new group. Even though we never see anyone else beside the cast in the Winnie there is actually a cameraman and a soundman in the Winnie. Getting the shot sometimes involves racing in front of the cast and filming them going by. Clay then tells us that he had a lot of problems in the being with Timmy making faces and messing up good shots.
   With the second mission it was a easy shot because the production crew got to use the Real World’s cameras because the mission took place in the Real World’s house. When the mission was over the crew was very happy because it went off better than anyone would have thought.
   While in New Orleans to do the Mardi Gras parade the video tapes get stolen out of the production Winnie. The next morning the crew has to explain to Clay that all the tapes that they shot have been stolen and he blows his top because with out the tape there is no show. So one of the crew gets an idea of offering a reward on the local news. They final get a page that says that a group of kids found the tapes in a trash dumpster. So they finally get the tapes back and everything is back to normal.
   Have you ever wondered who made the hotel arrangements and who gets everything in order from city to city? That would be the production coordinator and the coordinator for this season is Janet. Between the middle missions Janet begins to feel sick and starts to think about quitting So when the cast gets to Phoenix Janet ends up going home. So the crew is now short a coordinator so the assistant Lucia thinks that she might be moved up to talk the job but Clay decides that he rather have someone with more experience. And this makes Lucia upset, so Lucia is sent to the airport to pick up the new coordinator Monica.
   The first job for Monica is during the A’s mission. At the mission Lucia and Monica has to hand out cards that contain the clue for the next mission. When the time comes the fans are supposed to hold up the cards to spell out the clue, but of course the fans screw up and the cast has to come up and gather the cards and lay them out on the ground to make sense of them.
   When the production was in Las Vegas, Lucia made the mistake of talking about a rumor that Clay does not want the crew to have fun over the walkie talkie which Clay was on. This made Clay upset and he wanted to fire her, but he changed his mind because of the response of the crew and decides just to talk to the crew about the rumor being false.
   When the cast was going to their final mission the crew got a day off to go skiing in Alaska. The day of the bungie jump, Clay and the crew had to hike out in the snow to get the shot of the jumps from the ground. After the crew comes back down from the jumps it is the crew’s turn to jump if they want to. So everyone that wanted to jump except Clay gets to jump. When Clay gets to the edge he chickens out. But before they went back down Devin and Christian jump in the buff (nude).
   The next morning it was time to for the final reward and this gave the crew a chance to talk to the cast. And the last thing that the crew and cast did together is a high toast. And this is a short explanation of how Season 2 was produced.

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