Thanks for coming to this page. As I said before Quinton tells me when he does art so that I can keep his art list up to date because sometimes he forgets which sets he did work on, he also sends me scans of the art so that if the name changes I can catch it. The reason that I am emailing is that I received these pieces along time ago and I am trying to find out if they were printed. Thanks for your help. Billy

I know that Quinton did 4 naga pieces. The Bushi and the Spearmen were used in the Ambition's Debt and the Guard was used for the Naga token card in Soul of the Empire. Up to a week ago I was not sure if the Archers (this picture) was used but when I was visiting a L5R site, I saw an email saying that they had an Archer done by Quinton but they would respond to my email. So was this printed?

This piece was done at the same time as the nagas were, I thought that it would be used in the Ambition's Debt also but it was not. So was it ever printed?

This was sent to me late last year, and I never got a name on this and I can not figure out anything about it. Thanks for any help that you can give me.